Hello there and welcome,

It can take a lot of courage to seek counselling so I will greet you with warmth and compassion and an honest and open mind. Whether you are facing a specific challenge, struggling with a long term problem, wanting to find effective strategies to lower anxiety, or hoping for a happier relationship, I can help.

I offer a safe and welcoming space where we can work together to understand the root cause of your current problems and help you begin to make changes, gain confidence and move forward so lasting growth can develop and you can live your fullest life. 

I began at AAAC Counselling Services as a volunteer Therapeutic Support Worker in 2019 and have continued there as a qualified integrative counsellor. There I have gained experience of working with adult survivors of childhood abuse and trauma. In addition, I work with adults at Butterflies Child and Adolescent Counselling Service in Hastings which is a wonderful service offering therapeutic support to children and young people in East Sussex. I also have telephone counselling experience with Care for the Carers, a voluntary organisation offering support, guidance and information for unpaid carers. 

My Approach

I understand that everyone is trying to find their own way and place in the world and with this in mind, my approach is to look at the whole person to help you discover what is going on for you. I work in an integrative way, which means drawing from different models of therapy including Person Centred, Gestalt, and Existentialism and using creative methods and mindfulness techniques to find what works best for you. I believe judgement has no place in therapy and I will work with compassion, kindness and genuiness to help you uncover your strengths and gain new insights.

My private practice is based in Pevensey, East Sussex, in easy reach of Eastbourne, Bexhill, Hailsham and surrounding areas. There is car parking available and train and bus stops within walking distance.

Walk and Talk

I offer walk and talk therapy in Eastbourne and surrounding areas for those who pefer to be outside or feel less comfortable in a sit-down setting (with a plan B for bad weather!) Walking next to each other side by side can feel less formal, walking can also offer the additional benefits of 

increased feelings of wellbeing

lowered anxiety

decreased depression and stress levels 

reduced anger

boost to self esteem

Nature has a healing power and the walking can give us a feeling of moving forward.

If you are inerested in the benefit of walk and talk therapy, we would initially meet up to establish your circumstances and goals, the best walking environment, the times of our walks and fitness level.

Online and Telephone

Online or telephone counselling is an alternative to traditional in-person therapy. It is convenient and confidential and you can be in the comfort of your own home.

Online therapy has become more widely used since restrictions from covid, but it continues to remain popular and just as effective as face to face.

"Understanding and mastering emotions is like learning to surf the waves of the ocean, since emotions are the ebb and flow of human experience."

Emmy Van Deurzen